Founded in 2021, ODD Studio is an emerging art and architecture studio based in Melbourne, with projects completed by partners Lauren O’Donnell and Adam Dwyer


As two practising architects, Lauren and Adam’s vision of architecture and creative narratives are embedded into each project. Creating work inspired by minimalism, ODD Studio uses light and shadow, simple geometry, tones and texture to make bespoke places and pieces that people can enjoy.


With a caring and balanced philosophy, ODD endeavors to enrich a person’s belonging, whether this be through the architecture we create or from one of our artistic pieces we make in our collection.


ODD uses experience and education to sensitively approach a project, from the micro to the macro scale. We believe architecture and art should hold a meaning beyond its physical form and entail an emotion deep to a memory of place. Environment is fundamental to our studio, and our concepts connect nature with the built form.

Lauren O'Donnell

Architect - MArch, BA Hons

Adam Dwyer

Architect - MArch, BA Hons

Small Works Art Prize, Brumswick St Gallery (2022)
No Strings Attached, MAVA Collective (2021)
Chapel Street Collective (2021)
Spring Breeze, Melbourne Artists (2021)
Shadows at Play, MAVA Collective (2021)
East Melbourne General Store (2021)
House of Handmade (2021)
Chapel Street Collective (2021)
Masters of Architecture, Liverpool John Moores University (2015 - 2017)
BA Hons Architecture, Liverpool John Moores University (2011 - 2014)